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The earliest celebration honouring mothers dates back to the annual spring festival of ancient Greece dedicated to Rhea, the mother of the Gods. The Greeks would pay tribute with honey-cakes and fine drinks and flowers at dawn. Centuries on, Mother's Day is still the biggest flower-buying day in the year in Britain: each year sales increase by an average of 70% on a normal day's trading.

There’s a flower and plant to suit every type of Mum, which means saying ‘You’re the best Mum in the world’ is as easy as popping down to your nearest flower shop and choosing something gorgeous... big or small.

Not all Mums are the same. But whether your Mum is like the Queen or Marge Simpson, April 3rd is the day when you can treat her right royally and show how much you love her with a gift of flowers or plants that totally suits her personality.

The Flowers and Plants Association have picked their top 10 celebrity Mums and come up with ideas on what they'd send them to say ‘I love you’ on Mother’s Day.

But even if your type of Mum isn’t on the list don’t worry, whatever you buy will go down a storm. After all, what Mum could resist a gift of flowers or plants - the most personal present you can buy.

1: Edina Monsoon, Absolutely Fabulous

Self absorbed but exotic, impractical but colourful, creative and chaotic, Edina has it all. So we reckoned nothing could be more perfect than a gorgeous potted azalea that looks far too over the top for a little pot.

When it came to flowers we thought this bag style vase (designer of course!) full of eye popping purple blue iris was totally fab while an exotic cymbidium orchid hits the “multicultural chic” spot, hinting at adventure in far flung places.

2: The Queen

Not everyone has the Queen as their Mum but if we did we’d be thinking classic, conservative, pretty and steeped in tradition. And that has to mean spring flowers, a very British thing. So we couldn’t resist this pretty basket design full of scented freesia and roses.

We also loved the idea of giving her a floral interpretation of the crown jewels with pearly white tulips, delicate blue muscari and some glittery accessories to bring it right on trend. And for the real royal look then purple hyacinths arranged with jewel-like lily of the valley would be our perfect choice if your Mum is like Her Maj.

3: Molly Weasley, Harry Potter

Molly Weasley is a survivor – formidable, practical, creative and resourceful. If your Mum is busy juggling work, home, family and everything else, with or without magical powers, give her potted hydrangea. Available in the most mystical shade of gas blue, hydrangeas are bright, beautiful, sturdy, and slightly untidy!

If you want to ‘make your own’ then cheerful mini gerbera plants can make you feel like a little kid again. They’re good value and available in a rainbow of bright colours. Simply pop them in an unusual container for a handcrafted feel.

And if it’s a mix of the practical and the magical you’re after look out for
bright yellow or orange dubium. They open slowly to reveal a mass of star-shaped flowers that almost glow, and last for weeks.

4: Victoria Beckham

Self-confident and cosmopolitan, nothing but a structural, stylish design would be right for a fashionista Mum like Victoria Beckham. Elegant, understated phalaenopsis orchids are the little black dress of flowers, and look great either in formal designs or simply loose in stylish vases.

Alternatively, and given our wallet isn’t as big as David’s, we liked this elegant posy of white roses against silver eucalyptus … easier on the pocket but just as easy on the eye.

5: Jordan (Katie Price)

One thing’s for sure, Jordan never goes unnoticed. With a big heart and an even bigger personality we reckoned she’d need something bold, but she’s got a lot of style underneath the bling so we chose a vibrant pink begonia Lorraine in a seriously stylish container as our plant choice.

As Jordan is definitely in-your-face, we thought this clash of vibrant pink lilies with bright orange gerbera might do the trick. Or on the other hand, if we were looking for something Princess might like to choose we couldn’t resist this gorgeous box of flowers nestled together and topped with pretty butterflies.

6: Marge Simpson, The Simpsons

Everyone loves Marge with her homeliness, kind nature and long-suffering patience … the perfect mum in fact. And what better to match this type of Mum – regardless of hair colour – than a host of golden daffodils bursting out of her favourite vase.

If you want a more zany look buy some pretty mini kalanchoe and pop them into fun containers like these cute zinc buckets – we added some pearls to match Marge’s necklace – or for a slightly more elegant look a simple wrap of oh so gorgeous double tulips, such as the Marie Jo variety, is guaranteed to please.

7: Michelle Obama

The First Lady of America is renowned for her elegance but takes a very modern approach to style. Given she love callas we at the F&PA reckon she’d love these modern interpretations on the classic look.

Callas, available in a range of stunning colours from pure white to ruby black, are a fabulous flower to give and receive. And because they look amazing either as formal arrangements or just loose in a glass vase, even if your Mum doesn’t live in quite as grand a home as the White House, we know she’d be thrilled with them.

8: Bianca Butcher, Eastenders

Mums are a brave bunch, no doubt about it, so if your Mum is loud and proud like Bianca Butcher, chrysanthemums are an ideal choice – girly but tough! We chose this unusual dome design for Bianca but you can achieve the same look by buying mixed stems, cutting them short and putting them together in a low vase or cube.

On the plant front we’d go for bright, strongly coloured giant kalanchoe – a feisty plant that looks great on windowsills or patios. But if we were looking to showcase the soft side of a tough Mum we’d choose some of the vibrant varieties of tulips available this season, like Falcon, Huntsville and Kunie.

9: Nigella Lawson

She may have a sexy side but we reckon, in terms of flowers, Nigella would like soft, floaty, pretty and traditional styles, with a country garden feel and a style that caters for all the senses. Which is why scented hyacinths would be top of our list for Nigella, delivered with her other passion, gorgeously decadent cakes!

If it was a plant we had to choose we’d opt for the beautifully scented jasmine in an eye catching basket, and as for something to deliver with breakfast in bed … the ultimate Mother’s Day treat - then a simple vase overflowing with mixed lisianthus would be our choice.

10: Mother Nature

Mother Nature, the ultimate mother and the perfect theme for green-fingered Mums who are always in the garden. But rather than buy something for the garden why not bring it indoors with these gorgeous heart shaped topiary plants in pretty pots. Alternatively, if the windowsills are already chokka, we’d opt for a really stunning bouquet of cut flowers, with twining passiflora vines and lots of lush green foliage along the just cut from the garden look.

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